Dojo Supporting Chairman

Shi ku Kai is supported by Sensei (instructors), as well as volunteering parents under Iwanami Sensei’s supervision.

Young people usually do not hope for new heights these days. And a lot of people are simply satisfied with their current status. Everyone has his or her own way, and prize to achieve. I believe that someone who achieves their prize by exerting repeated effort does not only satisfy him/herself, but also leads those individuals who supported him or her to happiness. However, the process is not easy. It requires addressing a variety of problems and the difficulty will constantly throw you back. I believe the most important strength in overcoming these problems is: “STRONG WILL.” Learning, practicing new techniques, and cultivating a strong will drives you to achieve your prize.

Shi Ku Kai constantly pushes students to obtain this “Strong Will” in the pursuit of leading by example and displaying to society the values of kendo, through cooperative support from Sensei, parents, and student alike. Whether you are a child or an adult, teacher or a student, we hope you experience the wonderful pursuit of the traditions of Kendo along with us here at the Shi Ku Kai.

Posted by shikukai